Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Listen to Zinn speak ill of the United States and verbalize a one-sided opinion of Christopher Columbus and George Bush.   This is the babble that our children listen to every day in the government controlled schools.  Zinn's communistic-collectivist views are those that are perpetrated on a daily basis on the students.   With Zinn being the text of choice by teachers, just how often are other authors and opinions discussed?    How many teachers inspire a real discussion from different points of view?  

The civics and history teachers that I had did not inspire any thought or discussion.  In civics we read "Time" or "Newsweek" and wrote pages of homework verbatim from the magazines.   Not too much thought was given to that assignment.  In our U.S. Government class we read a chapter each week and had a ten question quiz every Friday. That assignment required zero effort from the teacher and not much effort from the students.   I received A+ in that class and a nice little certificate for being "the honor student."   I sat next to a guy that had failed the class three times.   (You had to pass the class in order to graduate and so he was the oldest student in the class.)  I assumed he didn't have time to read the book.  He did pass the year he sat next to me.

I have asked local students simple questions regarding our government.   I asked who is the Speaker of the House, who is the Vice President, who is our local representative,  name a U.S. Senator from Ohio, simple questions.   Not one person knew the answers and neither did the parent.   Just what are the local schools teaching?   I bet Zinn's ideas are part of the indoctrination process.

Howard Zinn said in "A People's History of the United States," "Capitalism has always been a failure for the lower class.  It is now beginning to fail for the middle classes."   The middle class is now wasting away.   That is not because of capitalism, but because of the socialism perpetrated on us by the government.   I believe our president calls it "redistribution of assets."

This is what is taught versus this quote from Ayn Rand, "Capitalism is a social system based on the recognition of individual rights, including property rights, in which all property is privately owned."

Which system gives hope and opportunity?   In one the government elitists control every aspect of our lives.   In the other an immigrant can arrive on our shores with $20.00 in his pocket, work hard and become a millionaire with his own business.   I knew a woman that had arrived in Detroit (from Germany) with nothing.   She worked on her hands and knees scrubbing the stairs and hallways of her apartment building. This helped pay her rent.   She married and she and her husband started a little business.   It grew and when I knew her the family had become millionaires and her children were college graduates.   She said that this country was the only country in the world where hard work paid off.   

Dr. Ben Carson grew up in the slums of Detroit.   His mother had to work two and three jobs to support her family.   She had a third grade education.   She worked hard and she wanted her sons to be "someone."    No television was allowed.  She inspired them to read and do well in school.   It wasn't always easy.  Dr. Carson just retired from Johns Hopkins as the head of the Pediatric Neurosurgical Department.   He is one of the finest brain surgeons in the nation - probably the world.   I hope he is our next president. 

Do not teach our children that mediocrity is all that this nation offers.   Do not teach our children that the collectivist way is the only way.   Do not teach our children that this is a rotten country and that there is no hope for them. Do not teach our children to despise the nation of their birth.  

Teach our children that there is hope.  Teach them that they can succeed at anything with hard work.   Teach them to participate in our government and to inform themselves of the choices that are available to them.   Teach them that socialism/communism has never worked in any country.   I would have speakers in the class that lived under Hitler and under Castro.  There are many people in our area that can give first hand experiences of what happened in Germany, Russia and Cuba after the dictators took over.

Economics is a wonderful subject.   Even small children can learn how to be entrepreneurs.   For example, have the child set up a lemonade stand.   Help them with the investment of the lemonade, ice, cups and stand.   After they finish selling deduct the costs of those items and let them enjoy the profit.  

This could be even more effective with high school students.  They can handle a more complicated product that they make or buy wholesale and sell retail.   This could be a term project for any civics class.  These days kids have to sell, but it is always for some charity.   That is nice, but doesn't teach economics.

It is time for the schools to promote creativity and productive genius.   It is time to stop the onward thrust of demeaning intellect in favor of mediocrity.   It is time to halt the P.C. police and the socialist educators that kill inspiration and innovation, who favor the policy of not honoring the best and instead give trophies to those that simply manage to attend school or those that they "feel sorry for."  Many schools no longer honor the Valedictorian of the class.   This is insanity.

We need to get back on track before there is no going back.  Communism is rotten to the very core.   So now we have "Common Core" to hammer in the final nail in the coffin of liberty.

This stupidity has to be stopped.

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